Great British Confetti 🌼

Great British Confetti 🌼

Some of you may know that I have a very exciting event coming up in June. I get to marry my best friend…woo hoo!!!

Being a florist I am constantly asked who’s doing your wedding flowers? Are you doing your own wedding flowers etc etc. The answer is… YES! I am doing my own with the help of my wonderful family & friends. However I will be talking more about that in another blog.

When I started wedding planning I had so many ideas to make my floral arrangements and other things as eco friendly as possible. I decided to make my own confetti and I am so pleased with the beautiful results.

They are totally biodegradable, naturally coloured, eco-friendly, great for wildlife and they help support British Farming. But most importantly, they are light and fluttery and will look amazing in our confetti moment!

The confetti moment is a wonderful wedding day experience I won’t want to miss. Certainly, taking our first steps together under a flurry of flower petals is quite magical!

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